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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trying to come up with an idea for the Web 2.0 project due March 5th. A friend is in the Peace Corp working with children and I thought that might make a good project using ePals.


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  2. I think you are confusing the Web 2.0 project and the Telecollaborative Project. For the Web 2.0 project (which is this blog), you just have to explore various Web 2.0 technologies and blog about them. There are so many out there that they should be easy to find. What you are describing in this post sounds like it might work for the Telecollaborative Project. Just keep in mind that the Telecollaborative Project doesn't require you to actually implement something, just explore some projects (if you choose the Compare option) or plan for implementing even if you are not going to actually implement (if you choose one of the other options).